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The Winner’s Path
A Programme for Personal Awakening

It developed gradually, on the basis of more than a decade of experiences gathered while reorganizing companies, training and advising the management of these companies, local communities, regions and countries.

The experiences showed that leaders with their personalities directly influence their environment and quite often, the faith of thousands of families and consequently of entire generations depends on them.

A detailed analysis of the environment where they live and lead has shown that the majority of the processes they carry out are very similar to the way they lead their lives and quite often they are not leading them in harmony with their true nature. This is mostly noticeable in their complicated relationships, conflicts, chaos and discomfort they are experiencing.

After letting go of the patterns acquired in the early childhood, which are not in accordance with one’s true nature, the environment around us starts to change, so do the relationships and the individual’s potentials change along with them.
The analysis also showed that the potentials dormant in the DNA of the clients – the abilities of telepathy, self-healing, energy focus, etc. – start to awaken gradually.

This programme is one of a kind and it causes no psychological or physical shock for the body whatsoever, it takes into consideration the unique rhythm of each individual.

The genes of ancient peoples are being reborn in us,
carrying a powerful message.
Establishing a natural rhythm within us,
shows us who we really are
and what our true calling in life is.


The process starts three weeks before arriving to the Island of Mali Lošinj. During this time, you build foundations through physical activity, nutrition and relaxation, on which you can later build a deeper connection with yourself and create balance in your body. The programme on location lasts 14 days. During this time, through cleansing programmes based on breathing techniques and consultations with our experts, each person, spontaneously, without any pressure whatsoever, comes to the awareness of what in life supports him/her and what is disabling his/her further growth. After returning to your home environment, the process continues for another three months, under the supervision of your consultant. You deepen your knowledge and strengthen the balance you have acquired on the island.


The island of Lošinj is a unique place in the world, because due to its beneficial climate and gorgeous nature one can easily feel that there actually exists the possibility to cleanse one’s soul. Even in the Ancient times this was the place where Greek warriors would come to renew their bodies, souls and minds. Later on this quality of the island was forgotten but the Austro-Hungarian Empire tried to revive it as a rehabilitation centre.

It was not until 2016 – when the author of the book Dynamic Leadership Model came back from Peru, where he learnt about the ancient peoples – that the island literally called him and the Winner’s Path was born.


We are hosted by Bellevue Hotel, located in the immediate vicinity of Lošinj’s one of the most beautiful beaches.

The rooms offer intimate and luxurious comfort.

The first step

The programme is completely tailored to each individual, that is why we would like to get to know you a little better in our preliminary interview. We would like you to entrust us with the following information about yourself:
• What is your lifestyle like, what knowledge you possess, which methods of work you use? What are your hobbies, your relaxation methods, how do you entertain yourself?
• What are your health limitations, possible illnesses? We organise a health check-up for you.
• Are there any fears you might have? We organise a psychological assessment for you.
• Nutrition – each participant has her/his own chef and waiter available.